How it works

Why shuttle storage ?

Prices & Packages

See rate chart below.

Plans Price
Bin Size 12 x 17 x 27
$5*(Per Bin)
There is a $20 per month minimum storage charge so make sure you request 4 bins!
Per Bike
Miscellaneous Items
$2.75*(Price Per Cubic Foot)
Use our cubic foot calculator to calculate your cost!
Delivery of empty bins
Pickup of Items
Delivery Charge of bins/items
2nd Pickup Charge Cancelled upon arrival
If we go on your schedule and you are not ready and need to reschedule
No Show At Delivery Or Pickup Appt
Disposal Per Box
disposing of your contents
Shipping Fee if you end up not storing with service
this is charged if we drop off bins and you decide that you don’t need the service
Purchase Price per Bin
if you decide to keep the bins there will be a per bin charge plus standard delivery charge.
Late Payment over 14 days
Late Payment over 30 days
Lien Fee (After 31 Days)
Lien Fee (Afer 60 Days)
Lien Sale/Auction Administration Fee
*There is a minimum combined monthly storage charge of $20.00 per account per month